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 I am sure that "Prof" Kohler had no idea how a project that he assigned to his High School Junior students in 1960 would impact Elmer Spear and it is certain that Elmer did not. 
     Prof Kohler wanted his junior English students to write a short story about their ancestry. I was lucky to have all four of my grandparents alive and living in my home town.  So off I went in my 1949 Studebaker and talked to them about our heritage. Unbeknownst to me, after I had visited them, my grandmother, Alma Miller, began thinking about her family.  She wrote letters and received some responses.  After her death I inherited her papers.
     I stuffed them away for about twenty years and after I sold my air freight business in Tampa in 1986 I came across this work.  It piqued my interest and I was off and running.   Because all my family lived in Ohio I found that there was an Ohio Genealogy Society and joined it and their Florida Chapter.  After attending a Florida Conference, I volunteered to be their newsletter editor.  The Chapter had 71 members at that time.  For about ten years I was editor and held several other positions in the Chapter.  When I left them they had 348 members.  To be sure my newsletter was worthy I began exchanging with other chapters and I also began purchasing books to help me fill the newsletters with interesting genealogical information.  The first book I purchased was "75 Years of Marriages in Wayne County, Ohio,"  
     In 2000 I formed a corporation "Elmer's Genealogy Library" and had by this time purchased over 25,000 books.  In 2009 I decided to retire from the  responsibility of running a library
and because of my deep admiration and friendship with Boe Williams donated my collection to the Huxford-Spear Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia.
     In 1999 I was selected a Genealogist of the Year by the Florida State Genealogy Society.  This was the highlight of my career until 2003 when I was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Federation of Genealogy Societies at their Orlando conference.  I have won four first place awards, two second place awards, and one honorable mention in different newsletter writing contests.  I have also been editor and co-editor of over 25 books on genealogy and published one family cookbook.
     I currently have a private genealogy library located at my home in Madison, Florida where I am returning to researching
my own family. 
     Thank you "Prof" Kohler for a great hobby.

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