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DNA and Genetics

Our DNA and Genetic Admininstrator is Rob Noles
and can be contacted at

Our recommendation for DNA and Genetic testing is
FTDNA (Family Tree DNA)

FTDNA has released a series of YouTube videos that provide a great deal of background concerning genetic genealogy and why genealogists should order DNA tests.  These videos can be very helpful for someone who has not heard much about genetic genealogy or who is having trouble understanding the value of the testing.

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FAQ #1 What DNA Project Should I Join?
FAQ #2 Which Test Do I Need?
FAQ #3 How is One Tested for their DNA?
FAQ #4 Why Should I Obtain a Genetic Genealogy Test?

You can order a genetic genealogy test directly from FamilyTreeDNA.com, or via one of the specific project links listed below  (genetic projects managed by Rob Noles). If you'll send a genealogy report (GEDCOM file is best, but any format is O.K.) to Rob Noles (rbnoles@bellsouth.net)
he can advise you as to which test to order for your particular situation, and
then help you to understand the test results when they become available.

Robert B. "Rob" Noles is a volunteer administrator for genetic genealogy projects for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), the genetic testing company out of Houston, Texas. FTDNA is the world leader for genetic genealogy testing; their only product. Mr. Noles does not work for FTDNA, nor is be compensated by FTDNA in any way. Mr. Noles does not publish project participant genealogies in any way; the genealogies provided to him by you are only for the evaluation of the test results for you, the participant and for the project as a whole. 

As most of you probably realize, there are two FTDNA Projects for the Wiregrass Georgia Region; i.e., the Huxford Genealogical society Project and the Wiregrass Georgia Project.   The Wiregrass Georgia Project is the main DNA project for the Wiregrass Region (covering the genealogy research for southeast Georgia and northern Florida).

The Huxford Project was established a number of years ago when FTDNA started offering commissions for nonprofit societies for initial kit purchases for new customers.  No additional commissions are provided for subsequent DNA purchases; i.e., upgrades and/or new tests purchased for the same customer.

Since the main Wiregrass Georgia Regional DNA Project includes all of those folks who are Wiregrass Georgia Pioneer descendants, and the Huxford GS Project only includes a small subset of the tested participants, you should belong to the Wiregrass Georgia Project or belong to both projects, if you want.  If you are not currently a member of the Wiregrass Georgia Project, you may join the Wiregrass Project via your personal page at FTDNA.  There is no additional cost to belong to multiple FTDNA projects or to switch from one project to another.

If you haven't yet provided me with your GEDCOM file, or uploaded a GEDCOM file to FTDNA, you should do so at your earliest convenience.  You are much more likely to learn important information concerning your test results, if others who are researching your line can see your genealogy (even if you are not sure if it is completely correct).  I am of course researching all the family lines for the Wiregrass Region, so I may be able to assist you with your research.  I have built a Wiregrass Georgia Relational Database based on all of the Huxford Society publications and my personal Wiregrass Georgia research for the past 20 years.

Please let me know if you have any questions about FTDNA Projects or your test results.

Rob Noles
Project Administrator, Huxford and Wiregrass Georgia DNA Projects.

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