Elmer's Genealogy Corner
Madison, Florida


Striving to create and preserve family histories for
current and future generations


In order to keep in touch with all the wonderful people
that I have had contact with during the last 35 years
with the " Elmer's Genealogy Library" era
I have decided to start Elmer's Genealogy Corner.

Elmer's Genealogy Corner is a private library at my home
I will be doing my own personal research
and anyone that would like to visit may contact me at
or email me at

As always I am willing to help any of my genealogy
friends that need help in their research.

I will continue to purchase books and if I acquire a bulk
lot I will be listing the duplicate books on this site.

You can also visit me on Facebook on
Elmer's Genealogy Corner.

We have over 1500 members and we invite you to join us.

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